Y E S, I’m Still Here

So, remember that HELLO 2017 post I made back on January 2nd? uh, yeah that post. One of my goals was to post more on my blog. CLEARLY, I failed at that. But now that I’m a college graduate (yay!) and I’m in-between jobs and going crazy, (boo!) I have some time to reflect and post on here once again. I really need to be more liberal with my posts, yeesh.

A Quick Recap

A ton has happened since January. I’m not going to dump everything on you, but it went something like this: I started and completed my last semester of my undergrad, had a senior showcase where I was on the branding team, had a semester long group design project, and graduated. A lot of school stuff. Everything else in my life has been consistently on hold and it’s annoying. Anyways, now that it’s June 5, I’m going to update myself and you on my little list from January and the things I’ve completed.

I have gone to IKEA twice since January! I bought new eyeglasses that fit my gigantic face. I have learned to love Photoshop through a personal manifesto project I created last semester (oye finally). I bought so many more plants that it’s getting out of control. AND I have been trying more vegan cooking when I have the time; I found an amazing YouTuber that makes delicious, easy stuff. < See that? I guess I can actually achieve some goals.

Next Up

Now that I’m graduated and it’s hot and gross out, I need a job. And I’m terrified. I’m terrified to screw up, and to put myself out there. I’ve been looking for design jobs and internships since April, and nothing has come my way. I know I need to be patient because that’s when things will start to happen and I’ll actually hear back about something for once, but I’m going stir crazy. For example, I cleaned my apartment and did some touch-up painting on my walls yesterday. I clearly need a job, I’m acting like a retired old man.

ANYWAYS. I’m just going to keep applying and will try to stay sane in the meantime. Good things come to those who wait and work really hard, so I’m trying to do both. I really really want to get working so I can buy a Prius and listen to my music in it. Millennial Goals.

Have a great week! Maybe you’ll see me here next week? (fingers crossed I keep this up omg)

With Magic ✨


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