HELLO OCTOBER! Now that we’re moving into another fresh month, and the weather is graciously becoming cooler and more crisp, it’s time to talk about all of the great music I’ve discovered throughout September. Its been a crazy month for music.




It has been one of those months where I Shazam songs playing in stores, so, the following songs are quite random but quite good!

  • Japanese Wallpaper – “Cocoon” was one of those songs that took a bit to grow on me. After a few listens I definitely fell in love with its smooth, honest, and laid-back nature. The album artwork is great, too.
  • Sia – “The Greatest” was performed after the Apple Keynote that was held earlier in the month. I immediately downloaded the track. Its positive outlook, beautiful music video, and lyric catchiness definitely made me play it on repeat.
  • Gorgon City – “Doubts” was on constant rotation for at least two weeks. After I heard it being played in H&M, I couldn’t stop listening to it.
  • Dusky – “Long Wait” is ANOTHER single off of their upcoming October album. I’m sure you’re all sick of me talking about them (that’s why I put them in the random track section of this post tbh) but Dusky + Solomon Grey, the vocalist in this track, is the best mixture ever. This song is deep shit and the video is unreal; give it a watch!




Of course Tycho deserves its own little section. Whenever I find out about a new Tycho single, my heart stops. ACTUALLY, as I’m writing this post, the new full length album titled Epoch was just released. I obviously haven’t listened to it yet, BUT, the album’s title track, Epoch, is just insane. It’s like Tycho 2.0 and I need to sit down because I might faint. Another album? BYE, I’m leaving to listen to it now. Here’s the single:





I have loved this Scottish electronic pop trio since their inception. The only reason they’re in this post is because I saw them in concert last Sunday (the gifs above). Seeing them do their thing on an amazing set with beautiful, minimal lighting and design was honestly something I will never forget. My love for them is stronger than it has ever been. Go listen to both of their albums from start to finish. You won’t regret it. Here’s a concert video from New York:





Reyna opened for CHVRCHES when I saw them. I was blown away! The group consisted of the two girls who sing, play guitar and bass, and one male drummer. They had a pithy set, but it was just fantastic. They have a few songs out, with my favorite being “Magazines.” I cant wait to hear more music from them in the future.




That’s all I have for this Music Month! For those of you that know me well, you know I am in love with Above & Beyond and their radio show Group Therapy. They JUST had their 200th live radio show, so I’m sure tons of singles and albums will be coming out within the next few months. Music Month will be a crazy busy space. Okay, I’m leaving to go listen to that new Tycho album! Have a great weekend & make sure to fill it with music.

With Magic ✨


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